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Hotels, Restaurants and Bars: The Top Hotspots

Fort Lauderdale is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States for a reason. There is just so much to do here when you go out with Fort Lauderdale escorts. You can go to the top beaches in the world, where the white sand seems to be endless, the charming little beachside towns are quaint and beautiful, and the nightlife is as vibrant as can be. You can get incredible seafood, fine dining, and quick, cheap meals that taste as good as anything that you've ever had. There is really something for everyone, no matter what you decide to do, when you take the Fort Lauderdale escorts out for the day.

Beautiful Girls

This whole atmosphere has created a culture of young, beautiful people who flock to the area, dead set on having the time of their lives. Our girls are no different. Head to the gallery to look at the Fort Lauderdale escorts, and you'll see what we mean. These ravishing women are going to give you one the best dates you've ever had, if not the best one of your life!

When you do go out with an escort Fort Lauderdale has to offer, though, it pays to know a bit about the area first so that you can plan a good date. Check out some of these local hotspots first.

Deerfield Beach

There are an insane 23 miles of beaches around this area, and you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts are going to love any of them. We think that you'll really love the northern destination of Deerfield Beach, which has won awards for its beauty. The sand stretches as far as you can see, palm trees line the bank, and a long pier reaches out into the calm, protected waters, with their stunning blue-green hues. This place is also great if you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts want to get there early because you can watch the stunning sunrise. If you're looking for a calm day, why not rent some fishing equipment and cast off of the pier? If you're looking for some high-energy fun, go to Ski Rixen, a cable skiing company that allows you to experience the thrill of water skiing on a cable system – no boat included! For more information, contact the Greater Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce, which is located at 1601 E. Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield Beach, FL, 33441-4389. You can also call them at 954-427-1050.

Southport Raw Bar

For some of the best, freshest food that you've ever had, you've got to check out this raw bar. They have a lot of seafood, as you would expect, so you can pick up things like shrimp and pesto or raw oysters. They also have beer and cocktails to drink under the hot summer sun, so the place is refreshing, healthy and enjoyable. You and the Fort Lauderdale escorts are also going to love the view if you sit outside on the deck, as you can see right out onto the water. The place is found at 536 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316, and their phone number is (954) 525-2526.

Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen

Beer snobs be warned: You're going to have too many choices. This bar has tons of on-tap options so that your beer is crisp and fresh, and you can pick from tons of different international and domestic beers, including many great micro-brews from the surging beer culture in the United States. Whether you're after a dark porter, a smooth hefeweizen, or a cold lager, they have it all. The inside is classy and attractive, with stone and brick walls, a long dark granite bar, and an upscale vibe. There are few better places for you and the escort Fort Lauderdale has given you to pick up a drink. If you want food as well, you have to get the Drunken Goat Burger. You can find it at 1411 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316, and the phone number there is (954) 463-4900.

The Dive Bar

Don't let the name fool you; this is one of the most popular bars that you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts can check out in town. They bring in live music and similar acts, so there is always great entertainment. It's very close to the beach, so it can be the perfect place to go after you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts spend a day playing in the sun and the sand. They have pool tables, televisions, and an overall vibe of being a fun, partying hotspot. This is where young people flock for dancing and a good time. The food is standard pub fare, but you'll find that it all tastes awesome, especially when you're washing it down with the plentiful and relatively inexpensive beer. You will find it at 3233 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308. The phone number is (954) 565-9264.

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