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The Kicking Nightlife of South Florida

There's a reason why people flock to South Florida: It's one of the trendiest places on the planet. This is a place where nightlife is everything, where having fun is a lifestyle, and where you can go out on dates with some of the hottest Fort Lauderdale escorts in the world. The weather is perfect, the shoreline is incredible, and the ultra-modern cities have all of the amenities that you want, from awesome bars to clubs to fine dining and more. It's the ideal place to go out with girls from Fort Lauderdale Escorts 24, and we'd like to help you find both the perfect girl and the perfect place to take her.

Why Our Girls Are the Best

If you're wondering why you should choose our Fort Lauderdale escorts, it all starts with how sexy they are. Take a look in the gallery and tell us what you think. These are some hot girls to have by your side, something that's almost a necessity in Florida. On top of that, though, we've got local girls who love to go out and who know the towns and cities along the coast better than anyone. They can help you find the bars and clubs that a lot of people are going to overlook. Finally, our girls love what they do and where they live. They have a passion for life, and they want to show you why. They're just fun to be around, they make every party better, and they're eager to make sure that you're also having the time of your life. When you go out with an escort Fort Lauderdale has to offer, you know it's going to be a blast.

Blue Martini Brickell

The atmosphere in here is great, and it's what draws people in. You and the Fort Lauderdale escorts will find a large stage up front, huge pillars dotting the room, colored lights everywhere, and some of the hottest bartenders in Florida – which is saying something. As you'd guess from the name, they're mostly a martini bar, and the drinks are flawless. They do cost about $14 each, but you're going for high quality here, and it's the best place to get it. If you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts go on Tuesday nights, they have karaoke, and they bring in all sorts of entertainment all week long. Check it out at 900 South Miami Ave. # 25, Miami, FL, 33131, or call them at 305-981-2583.


For a dance party with the Fort Lauderdale escorts, Twist is the top spot in town, bar none. People often try to slip in here for an hour or so, but the atmosphere and the great drinks draw them in and they stay until the place closes down! They have a great combination of all of the newest pop hits and the classic tunes that you've come to love. The dance floor is huge and usually packed out. You're also not going to pay as much for drinks here, so you can have an awesome time without breaking the bank. You'll find it at 1057 Washington Ave, South Beach, Miami, FL, 33139, and the phone number is 1-305-538-9478.


Now this is the modern dance club you've been after if you've been watching movies of parties in Florida. There's an absolutely huge dance floor on the main level, with hanging decorations, spotlights, easy access to alcohol, and everything that you could ever want. The second-floor balcony wraps around the place so that you and the escort Fort Lauderdale has given you can retreat for some private time if you want a break, but you're still not far from the music and the fun. You should know that you'll need tickets to get in; that's how popular the place is. The best way to get them is to buy them online, where they are cheaper. You and the Fort Lauderdale escorts can also buy them at the door if you'd like; after all, on a date with a girl this hot, the last thing you're going to be worried about is money. You'll find the club at 4441 Collins Ave, Miami, FL, 53140, and you can call them at 3056744680/

Hoy Como Ayer

This place is found in the area known as “Little Havana,” so you know it's going to be a fun night. If you're trying to get a feel for the local culture, this is the way to do it. They have awesome bands that come in and play; for instance, the Spam Allstars play on Thursdays, and they are a fan favorite. Most of these bands are local, which makes the experience all the more authentic. Get there early if you want to get a seat, as it really picks up as the night goes on, but odds are that you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts are going to want to be on the dance floor anyway. You can find this bar at 2212 SW 8th St, Miami, FL. If you want to call first, just dial 305 541 2631.

Contacting Fort Lauderdale Escorts 24

The sun and the sand are waiting for you! The bars and clubs are here for the taking! Please call us or email us today so that you can have the time of your life in South Florida. Don't put it off any longer, or it may be hard to meet up with the exact escort Fort Lauderdale has to offer that you've got your heart set on!

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